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Understanding your goals

Looking beyond the figures to give you and your business real direction.

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Unless we know where you are going, we can’t help you get there!

One of the key ways in which we can help you is by looking beyond the figures at the people and the processes which drive the business and your capability to grow it.

But before we can start that process we need to understand where you would like your business to take you. To start a journey without a destination is a pointless exercise, yet many business owners set off without any idea of where they are going.

Do you have a goal for your business? Will it provide a pension for you in the future? Are you intending to grow it, then sell – and move on to something new? These two objectives are a long way apart in terms of destinations and require fundamentally different thinking about how you set up your business to achieve each one.

Have you been running your business for some time without a goal? If so, you may need to restructure the way you look at your business.

Are you dissatisfied with the amount of profit your business is generating? If so we’ll need to look at the people and processes. Do you have the right level of staff to support you, or are you trying to do too much yourself?

Do you want a better work/life balance? Are you working too much ‘in’ your business and not spending enough thinking time ‘on’ your business?

As proactive, commercial and entrepreneurial business and tax advisors, CNM is ideally placed to help you determine the answers to these questions. Once we have determined what your personal and business goals are, then we can start influencing the activities and structure that will help you reach them.

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