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Dave Richardson

I joined the firm as Client Tax Partner in September 2016 bringing with me 8 years of Corporation Tax experience from Big 4 and Top 10 accounting firms. I’ve worked with a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from small sized limited companies to large multinational groups. During my career I have found that working for entrepreneurial Owner Managed Businesses to be the most rewarding, which has led to joining Croucher Needham who share a similar mind-set.

In my Corporate Tax career I have developed particular specialisms in Research & Development incentives, the Corporate Intangible regime, Capital Allowances and group structuring. Beyond these areas I have also had the benefit of experience in a wide range of taxation issues including international, charity and incorporations. In addition to my Corporate Tax experience, my knowledge and previous experience in accountancy and audit means I can bring a business focused view to taxation issues.

Outside of work I am a watcher of many sports, including football, Formula 1, tennis and even snooker! My love of sports has also led to an increasing enjoyment (and regular attendance at Wembley games) for American Football.