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How to keep HMRC at arm’s length

Don’t wrestle with the tax man on your own. We’re here to fight your battles for you.

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Need help with your accounts, VAT or self-assessment?

If you are a partnership or sole trader, you probably feel that bookkeeping and accounts are a weight around your neck. And filing Self-Assessment Tax or VAT returns can be very stressful too. So why not hand it all over to CNM Accountants in Bedford and Saffron Walden and rest-assured that we’ll do everything for you.

For us it’s bread-and-butter stuff. For you it’s a constant headache, so why not take the CNM pill and let us take the strain? And we will make sure we keep HMRC at arm’s length.

Annual accounts filing

Each year we will make sure your accounts are completed and submitted to HMRC as part of your self-assessment tax return and we’ll make sure you know how much and when you need to pay.

VAT Returns

Perhaps one of the most difficult taxes to keep up to date with, VAT has caught out many unwary sole traders through wrong declarations. Why take the risk? Let CNM undertake your VAT returns on your behalf and you’ll have the peace of mind that a VAT expert has been working on your behalf to get it right.

Payroll (PAYE, P11D filing etc)

Submitting monthly PAYE and year-end P11D and P60 returns can be an unnecessary diversion from running your business, so why not take advantage of CNM’s payroll service? You’ll have complete peace of mind that everything is being handled correctly and submitted on time.

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