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HMRC Costs Businesses Money!

It was interesting to read on the BBC News website last week about how HMRC cost taxpayers £97m over 18 months – and that’s not in additional tax, that’s in time lost waiting on the phone!Wasted Time on Phone

We at Croucher Needham and CNM Advisory can certainly relate to that having spent many an hour waiting ourselves.  While we haven’t got a magic hotline into HMRC employees we can help relieve you of that pain and that cost.  Why not engage us to discuss your affairs with HMRC on your behalf while you do what you do best in your business?  And while we’re at it, we’ll look at getting that tax bill down as well.

If you’re interested in us helping you relieve your pain and claw back some of the £97m you’ve suffered in the past then get in touch today.

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