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Christmas Party – Tax Implications!

Christmas party puddingsChristmas is coming…and for many it’s Christmas party time, a chance to reward the team for a year of hard work and hopefully success.

Just a word of warning for you though for you before you spend more than you anticipated and get caught out by the tax rules.

HMRC permit spending of up to £150 per head (per year on social events like a Christmas party), tax free for the recipients and as a deductible expense for the business.

BUT…go as little as 1 pence over this figure and you’ll land yourselves with a non-deductible cost!Christmas party unwanted present
AND…a taxable benefit subject to income tax and national insurance.
AND…it won’t be just the excess over £150 that’s taxable, it will be the whole lot!

Don’t leave your team with an unwanted Christmas present from their Christmas party!
Give us a call if you need advice on this or similar matters.

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