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Business Growth Seminar

On Tuesday we at Croucher Needham and CNM Advisory held our first Business Growth Seminar at Parklands Parklands-Quendon-Hall-e1464211259570 in Essex. With over 50 business owners in the room taking time out of their busy schedules it was important to engage them early, get them thinking about their businesses and extract value from the day.

We were delighted to start the day with Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi providing a unique synopsis of his life and his road to glory and beyond. Kriss brilliantly related his story directly to the business world and showed how small changes can really contribute to business growth.

Business Growth SeminarKriss then passed the baton to Steve Pipe, an inspiring speaker who has worked with many businesses over the years to help them grow. Former Entrepreneur for the Year Steve took the delegates through a real case study of helping a client add over £2.2m to their personal bank accounts, post tax, over a 24 year period, providing along the way insight into strategies and actions that can make a cumulative difference as large as that.

In what can only be billed as a successful day it was great to see that 75% of the room felt that Million Pound Clubthey could join the Million Pound Club and add at least that to their wealth by following and applying some of the approaches Steve outlined.

We at Croucher Needham and CNM Advisory are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses. With the launch of our Performance Measurement and Improvement system (PMI) we have the tools and expertise to support clients along that journey of growth to help them realise their £2.2m or equivalent figure. If you’re interested in hearing how we can help you, get in touch today.

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